Appliance Use and Storage

Approved by:  Department of Residence Life

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In St. Mary, Stanton, Crandall, Caecilian, and Carondelet Halls, cooking appliances must be limited to popcorn poppers, coffee pots, hot pots, and other non-exposed heating coil appliances. Toasters, hot plates, and microwave ovens are acceptable in the apartments and suites only.  Residents must use these items in their kitchen or kitchenettes on proper counter tops with vented hoods.

Microfridge units are provided in St. Mary, Stanton, Crandall, Caecilian, and Carondelet Halls. Only one unit allowed per residence. Students may not bring their own unit. 

Residents are allowed to bring their own vacuum cleaner, as we will not be supplying this cleaning appliance for student use this year.

Other Appliances: Air conditioning units and halogen lights are not allowed in any building.

All appliances MUST be plugged directly into the wall outlet. Surge protected power strips may be used for non-three pronged appliances. Extension cords are not permitted.