Grilling on Campus

Approved by:  Department of Residence Life

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Permanently installed outdoor grills are available to the residential community. The rules for the usage of outdoor grills on university property are as follows:

  • Only charcoal briquettes for outdoor grilling may be used. Charcoal briquettes shall be provided by the user.
  • All grills shall be used in a generally accepted safe manner.
  • Only charcoal lighter fluids designed for charcoal briquettes may be used.
  • People using the grills must ensure the grills are supervised when in use.
  • Embers and ash from the grills must be disposed of in an approved container after cooling.  Students should not dump or leave hot embers unattended.
  • All users shall leave the grills in a generally clean condition. Cleaning fees may be imposed on anyone leaving or returning grills in a soiled condition.
  • People using the grills shall have a container of water nearby.