Room Personalization

Approved by:  Department of Residence Life

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Students have considerable freedom to decorate their living space. Students are asked to follow the basic rules listed below. Room decorations that pose a fire hazard or may damage the facility are prohibited. Students who cause damage to their living space and/or additional living spaces could be held financially responsible for the cost of the repairs.

  • As mandated by the Fire Inspector, all three pronged appliances (excluding computers) must be plugged directly into the wall outlet. Extension cords are not permitted but students may use a surge protected power strip.
  • Students are encouraged to only use blue painter's tape. Blue painter’s tape is the only tape approved by the University for posting in the residence halls and apartments. Students are asked to avoid using any tape or other adhesives that chip the paint or plaster. Students will be charged for holes and tape marks. 
  • Painting and wallpapering may be done only by University-approved painters. No contact paper may be adhered to walls, ceilings, floors, doors, desktops, cabinets etc. In the apartments and suites, fees for painting begin at $400.
  • Alcohol containers, empty or not, are not allowed as decoration in rooms where residents are under 21.
  • Netting or tapestries from the ceiling, sprinklers, or walls are not allowed as they are fire hazards. St. Paul fire code allows no more 20 percent of any door, wall, or window to be covered.
  • University furniture may not be removed from any living space, nor can common area furniture be moved into individual living spaces. The University will only store college beds to accommodate children’s furniture in family units.
  • Residents cannot make any permanent changes in their living spaces or changes that will require maintenance work to restore the space to its original condition.
  • To avoid needless damage to window frames, screens, blinds, or drapes, screens are not to be removed from windows. Removal of screens will result in a $100 fine.
  • Some of the buildings have interior sprinkler systems. Students may not hang items from or attempt in any way to move/alter the sprinkler heads and equipment. Extreme damage will result, and students will be held financially responsible for damage to the building and other residents’ personal property.
  • Holiday decorations and lights are permitted in rooms, suites, and apartments during December. Natural Christmas trees or tree boughs are not permitted. Decorative lights must be turned off when no one is in the room. Exit signs and emergency lights may not be decorated.  No continuous hallway decorations may be used. All holiday decorations must be taken down before leaving for semester break or by December 31, whichever comes first. Decorative lights are not allowed between January-November months as mandated by the Fire Marshall.
  • Decorative string lights are allowed in a series of up to two strings. They must be UL listed and have the UL tag attached and LED. They can only be plugged into a surge protector or directly into a wall outlet. All lights must be unplugged while no occupants are present. Lights may only be attached with non-metallic, non-damaging/no residue adhesive strips or hooks, similar to 3M Command Strips.
  • Minnesota state law prohibits the removal of traffic and/or street signs; therefore they are not permitted in any residential building on campus. 
  • It is expected that all decorations and postings in student rooms and in and around building common areas will be consistent with university policy. Postings must not include hateful or derogatory messages or symbols. If elements of the decoration or posting represent a message(s) which violates university policy (e.g., negatively targeting individuals or groups of people with or without the appearance of intending to inflict physical or psychological harm) the items will be immediately removed by the university. Formal action may be taken by the university through the Student Code of Conduct. 

Room/Suite/Apartment Condition Report

Upon checking into the residence halls students will be asked to complete a condition report form. This form describes the condition of the living space and all the furniture within. Damages must be recorded on the condition report form or reported to the Resident Advisor within two weeks of check in. Any additional damages will be charged to students after checking-out. Failure to complete the condition report form by the specified deadline will result in a $50 fee.

Upon checking out, the Area Director and Residence Coordinator will walk-through each living space to assess damages. Students may be assessed additional damage charges at that time.