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It is expected that all postings in student rooms and in and around building common areas will be consistent with university policy. Postings must not include hateful or derogatory messages or symbols. If elements of the posting represent a message(s) which violate university policy (e.g., negatively targeting individuals or groups of people with or without the appearance of intending to inflict physical or psychological harm) the posting will be immediately removed by the university. Formal action may be taken by the university through the Student Code of Conduct. 

Approval to Post in Residence Hall Common Spaces

For posting during COVID-19, please contact the Residence Life Office at The terms listed below are applicable during a traditional academic year.

Clubs, organizations and individuals wishing to post flyers, banners, and other information in the residence halls must get approval from the Residence Life Office. To obtain permission, students should stop by the Residence Life Office with an original copy of the posting. After approved, students will receive their original publication with an approval stamp. The Residence Life Office Staff will assist students in determining how many copies are needed, but in general 32 copies are needed if posting in all residence halls. Residence Life staff will distribute postings at their earliest convenience, but it can take up to three business days before flyers are posted. All unapproved publicity will be removed.

Signs advertising businesses (i.e. cosmetic sales, sale parties) may not be posted. Decorations, policy postings, and other displays by hall staff in public areas must remain in public areas. Students should not write on or remove postings without the approval of hall staff.