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The University provides limited storage space in some of the Residence Halls. Storage is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. All stored items must be boxed and clearly marked with the proper identification tag provided by Residence Life.  Students should not store items of great value, as the University is not responsible for missing or damaged items.

Conditions for Storing Items

  • Storage is very limited in all locations, and the University has the right to limit the number of items each student stores.
  • Preference for storage is given to those living at least 400 miles from campus. Storage is available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Items that cannot be stored include: furniture; lamps; carpet; refrigerators; appliances; computers; and bikes.
  • All items must be boxed, and all boxes/containers must be sealed.
  • The University is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items.
  • Access to stored items may be limited for students moving in early. Storage rooms will be open on the official move-in day.
  • All boxes and containers must be labeled with a current storage tag.
  • Students should refer to storage tags for other conditions.

The University does not store items left behind after a resident has checked-out. Items left in a living space after check-out will be disposed or donated immediately after closing.