String Lights

Approved by:  Department of Residence Life

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Only LED decorative string lights are permitted in the residence halls. Restrictions outlined below are designed to minimize risk of fire in our residential spaces.

  • Each strand of LED string lights used must be UL listed. In addition, the UL tag must be attached and displayed for each strand.
  • No more than 2 strands may be connected in a series at one time. 
  • Lights may only be plugged directly into the wall or into a surge protected power strip.
  • All strands must be off when residents are not present and completely unplugged over break periods (i.e. Winter Break, Spring Break, etc.)
  • String lights may not be placed in exterior windows, ceilings, light fixtures, sprinkler pipes, exit signs, or any other electrical or fire safety equipment. This would include obstruction of doorways for someone to exit during an emergency situation.