Career (CARR)

CARR 1002 Career Readiness and Professional Development for Women — 2 credits

Career Readiness and Professional Development provides students with an introduction to career exploration and preparation. It is designed to facilitate the development of a career-focused mindset through reflection, assessment, classroom activities, and participation in career development events. Course content will be integrated as part of an overall career and professional development experience from the time of a student’s enrollment through graduation. Students build professional communication skills, prepare a professional resume and online presence, and begin work on an e-portfolio that highlights discipline-specific expertise and career competencies valued by employers. Guest lecturers will enhance student learning by exposing students to career possibilities in public, private, and non-profit organizations. Offered in the College for Women.

CARR 2010 Personal Financial Fitness — 4 credits

This course will teach you practical, hands-on skills that will be used throughout your lifetime. You will leave this class with the ability to establish goals, create and organize a personal file, develop a personal budget, understand the mechanics of successful financial management, including banking and investing basics, credit use and risk management, and apply economic analysis to personal financial decision making.

CARR 4600 Internship — 0 credits

This is a structured out-of-class learning experience that takes place on- or off-campus and includes a substantial work component. An internship involves students in a particular profession in an exploratory way to test career interests and potential. To initiate an internship experience meet with the internship coordinator in the Career Development Office.
Prerequisites: Approval by internship coordinator.