Sales (SALE)

SALE 2332 Introduction to Selling — 2 credits

Business people use selling principles all the time. Everyone sells – when interviewing for a job or seeking a raise. Everyone sells. The sales techniques used to inform and persuade others are used by everyone in business. Personal selling is a strategy of developing strategic relationships, discovering customer needs, matching appropriate products with these needs, and communicating benefits. This course covers the role of sales in business, the sales process, and introduces negotiation. Offered in the College for Women and the College for Adults.

SALE 3330 Professional Sales: Customer Centered Selling — 4 credits

Managing the sales process from the perspectives of time, territory, and technology play an equal role to understanding buyer’s needs. This course focuses on building long-term partnerships with customers through consultative selling. Students will examine and practice sales communication methods including effective listening, critical questioning, sales presentation, communicating value, responding to concerns and creating action via buyer role-plays both in person and via SpeakEasy. Offered in the College for Women.
Prerequisite: SALE 2332.

SALE 3432 Customer Intelligence — 2 credits

Customer knowledge or intelligence is one of the keys to creating an effective sales strategy. Students will gain research, influence and presentation skills as well as a working knowledge of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Students leverage this intelligence to develop and practice effective sales strategies.
Prerequisites with concurrency: SALE 2332, SALE 3330.

SALE 3530 Selling in Healthcare — 4 credits

Medical sales requires a unique professional sales skill set. Students will learn fundamentals and the structure of decision making in healthcare organizations, healthcare reimbursement, buying groups and formularies. Offered in the College for Women.
Prerequisite with concurrency: SALE 3330.
Recommended: MGMT 3850.

SALE 3632 Ethics and Integrity in Selling — 2 credits

This course challenges students to grapple with issues of professional ethics and integrity in sales, including accurately portraying company and competitor products, services and capabilities, ethical communication, building trust, ethical dilemmas in sales and using sound business practices. Students will explore special issues for women in sales. Case studies are the foundation for exploration of these topics. Offered in the College for Women.
Recommended: SALE 3330.

SALE 4430W Advanced Sales: Strategic Account Management — 4 credits

Sales professionals need to work strategically with their key account customers. This course addresses strategic account management and negotiation. Students will learn how to identify, analyze, and maximize sales opportunities in an effective and ethical manner. As a strategic account manager, the goal is to build professional relationships based upon trust, and to create value for customers. Through comprehensively mapping the customer's account and industry, synthesizing trends, and creating opportunities, students will learn how to deliver value for their key accounts. Offered in the College for Women.
Prerequisite: SALE 3330.
Recommended: ACCT 2130, BUSI 4752, BUSI 4753, or BUSI 4754.

SALE 4684 Directed Study — 4 credits

Directed study is provided for students whose unusual circumstances prohibit taking a regularly scheduled course but who need the material of that course to satisfy a requirement. Availability of this faculty-directed learning experience depends on faculty time and may be limited in any given term and restricted to certain courses. Register under ACCT for accounting, MGMT for management, MKTG for marketing or SALE for sales.
Prerequisites: Faculty, department chair and dean approval.