Holistic Health Studies (HHS)

HHS 2000 Culture, Health and Healing — 3 credits

This course will guide students to explore the concept of culture and how culture influences health and healing. Students will study concepts, values, and assumptions that underlie cultural understandings of health and illness. The class will also introduce topics crucial to understanding the impact of cultural difference upon health, such as the effects of assimilation and historical trauma. Each student's exploration of her/his own culture is a major feature of the course. The course uses guest lecturers from the community. Offered in the College for Adults.

HHS 4100 Holistic Health in Communities of Practice — 4 credits

In this course, students will explore holistic health as it relates to their community of practice. Beginning with a focus on themselves students will chose a self-care practice to engage in throughout the course to explore the concept of balance and the awareness of the self-healing, self-regulating capacity that can be called on to support well-being. Students will explore the holistic health paradigm in depth and develop their own definition of health and healing. This holistic lens offers an expansive worldview of the complex, interconnected nature of relationships and embraces wholeness, interconnection, consciousness, and equality/human dignity for all.

HHS 4994 Topics: Holistic Health in Communities of Practice — 4 credits