Leadership (LEAD)

LEAD 2202 Leadership and Influence — 2 credits

Leadership is a process whereby an individual or group influences others to drive change and leave a lasting positive impact on people, organizations, and communities. This course sets the foundation for continued leadership development throughout the student’s time at St. Kate’s. Students examine what it means to be an ethical and effective leader through self-reflection, self-assessment, and practice leading and influencing others. Students will be exposed to female role model and engage in mentoring relationships to further explore their personal identity and unique value to society. Students will research and reflect on the attributes and behaviors of past and present women leaders, including the founding Sisters of St. Joseph.

LEAD 2992 Topics — 2 credits

The subject matter of the course will be announced in the annual schedule of classes. Content varies from year to year but does not duplicate existing courses. Courses are also offered as ACCT 4992 for accounting, MGMT 4992 for management, MKTG 4992 for marketing, or SALE 4992 for sales.

LEAD 3400 Leadership, Effective Teams, and Change Management — 4 credits

This course concentrates on four critical aspects of management: leadership, organizational change, ethics and teams. Students will explore a wide range of theories on effective leadership and apply these theories to their own experience. Students will examine ethics as a philosophical foundation in managing a company. Students will learn and apply organizational change theories/principles and effective team management practices. Case studies and group exercises are used throughout the course. Offered in the College for Women and the College for Adults.

LEAD 4684 Directed Study — 4 credits

Directed study is provided for students whose unusual circumstances prohibit taking a regularly scheduled course but who need the material of that course to satisfy a requirement. Availability of this faculty-directed learning experience depends on faculty time and may be limited in any given term and restricted to certain courses.
Prerequisites: Faculty, department chair and dean approval.

LEAD 4750 Leadership Practicum — 2-4 credits

This course complements students' academic work by giving them the opportunity to apply textbook theory to an actual business practice in an internship. Through an internship, students discover more about a particular profession and learn about their career interests. Once offered an internship position, the next step is to start the process of enrolling in the Business Practicum course. This class is designed for both traditional internships and for "stretch assignments." If students are working at/near full-time, they may be able to negotiate a "stretch assignment" or "career development" project, which is above and beyond current work responsibilities, in their workplace. Whether a traditional internship or a "stretch assignment," students will participate once every two weeks (check the published annual schedule of class meetings) in structured class sessions with peers and instructor, who is also the Faculty Internship Advisor, to discuss and evaluate what students are learning in their internships. Class discussions and readings will focus on internship and career-related topics. Offered in fall, spring and summer sessions. Register under ACCT for accounting, LEAD for leadership, or BUSI for other business-related internships. Offered in the College for Women and the College for Adults.
Prerequisite: Department chair approval.

LEAD 4994 Topics — 4 credits