Latin (LATN)

LATN 2450 Classical Mythology — 4 credits

This course is an introduction to the major myths of the gods and heroes of Ancient Greece, along with their origins and interpretations. Because classical mythology played such an important role in the development of the arts in Western civilization, this course has a strong visual component, and every lecture is accompanied by slides. Fulfills the fine arts requirement. Also offered as CLAS 2450 and INDI 2450. Offered in the College for Women and the College for Adults.

LATN 4954 Independent Study — 4 credits

Independent study offers students the opportunity for specialized research not covered in a course offering, by the action project or thesis. Students work with a faculty advisor to develop a learning contract, which specifies the content and objectives of the study as well as the requirements and procedures for evaluation. The amount of credit earned for the study also is included in the learning contract.
Prerequisites: LATN 2120 and permission of department chair.